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European all-cause excess and influenza-attributable mortality in the 2017/18 season: should the burden of influenza B be reconsidered?

J. Nielsen, L.S. Vestergaard, L. Richter, D. Schmid, N. Bustos, T. Asikainen, R. Trebbien, G. Denissov, K. Innos, M.J. Virtanen, A. Fouillet, T. Lytras, K. Gkolfinopoulou, M. an der Heiden, L. Grabenhenrich, H. Uphoff, A. Paldy, J. Bobvos, L. Domegan, J. O'Donnell, M. Scortichini, A. de Martino, J. Mossong, K. England, J. Melillo, L. van Asten, M. MA de Lange, R. Tønnessen, R.A. White, S.P. da Silva, A.P. Rodrigues, A. Larrauri, C. Mazagatos, A. Farah, A.D. Carnahan, C. Junker, M. Sinnathamby, R.G. Pebody, N. Andrews, A. Reynolds, J. McMenamin, C.S. Brown, C. Adlhoch, P. Penttinen, T.G. Krause, K. Mølbak.

Influenza-associated mortality determined from all-cause mortality, Denmark 2010/11-2016/17: The FluMOMO model

Nielsen J, Krause TG, Mølbak K.

Excess all-cause and influenza-attributable mortality in Europe, December 2016 to February 2017

Vestergaard LS, Nielsen J, Krause TG, Espenhain L, Tersago K, Bustos Sierra N, Denissov G, Innos K, Virtanen MJ, Fouillet A, Lytras T, Paldy A, Bobvos J, Domegan L, O'Donnell J, Scortichini M, de Martino A, England K, Calleja N, van Asten L, Teirlinck AC, Tønnessen R, White RA, P Silva S, Rodrigues AP, Larrauri A, Leon I, Farah A, Junker C, Sinnathamby M, Pebody RG, Reynolds A, Bishop J, Gross D, Adlhoch C, Penttinen P, Mølbak K.

Winter season summary 2016/17.

Winter season 2016/17 mortality summary report

Winter season summary 2015/16.

Winter season 2015/16 mortality summary report

Winter season summary 2015.

Excess mortality in Europe in the winter season 2014/15, in particular amongst the elderly

Excess mortality among the elderly in European countries, December 2014 to February 2015.

Eurosurveillance 2015; Vol. 20, Issue 11

K Mølbak, L Espenhain, J Nielsen, K Tersago, N Bossuyt, G Denissov, A Baburin, M Virtanen, A Fouillet, T Sideroglou, K Gkolfinopoulou, A Paldy, J Bobvos, L van Asten, M de Lange, B Nunes, S da Silva, A Larrauri, I L Gómez, A Tsoumanis, C Junker, H Green, R Pebody, J McMenamin, A Reynolds, A Mazick.

End of influenza season mortality report.

Pooled analyses of all-cause mortality indicates low excess mortality in Europe in the winter of 2013/14, in particular amongst the elderly

Pooling European all-cause mortality: methodology and findings for the seasons 2008/2009 to 2010/2011.

Epidemiology and Infection 2013 Sep;141(9)

Nielsen J, Mazick A, Andrews N, Detsis M, Fenech TM, Flores VM, Foulliet A, Gergonne B, Green HK, Junker C, Nunes B, O'Donnell J, Oza A, Paldy A, Pebody R, Reynolds A, Sideroglou T, Snijders BE, Simon-Soria F, Uphoff H, VAN Asten L, Virtanen MJ, Wuillaume F, Mølbak K.

Eurosurveillance 2012; Vol. 17, Issue 18

Nicoll A, Ciancio BC, Lopez Chavarrias V, Mølbak K, Pebody R, Pedzinski B, et al.

Excess mortality among the elderly in 12 European countries, February and March 2012.

Eurosurveillance 2012; Vol. 17, Issue 14

Mazick A, Gergonne B, Nielsen J, Wuillaume F, Virtanen MJ, Fouillet A, et al.

BMC Infectious Diseases 2011, 11:350

Nielsen J, Mazick A, Glismann S, Mølbak K.

Burden of illness of the 2009 pandemic of influenza A (H1N1) in Denmark.

Vaccine. 22. Juli 2011;29 Suppl 2:B63–69

Mølbak K, Widgren K, Jensen KS, Ethelberg S, Andersen PH, Christiansen AH, et al.

Excess mortality monitoring in England and Wales during the influenza 2009 pandemic.

Epidemiology and Infection 2011 Mar; 139(9)

Hardelid P, Andrews N, Pebody R.

The potential for a concerted system for the rapid monitoring of excess mortality throughout Europe.

Eurosurveillance 2010; Vol. 15, Issue 43

Kanieff M, Rago G, Minelli G, Lamagni T, Sadicova O, Selb J, Vantarakis A, Conti S.

Higher all-cause mortality in children during autumn 2009 compared with the three previous years: pooled results from eight European countries.

Eurosurveillance 2010; Vol. 15, Issue 5

Mazick A, Gergonne B, Wuillaume F, Danis K, Vantarakis A, Uphoff H, Spiteri G, van 't Klooster T, Junker C, Holmberg M, Mølbak K.

Experience and lessons from surveillance and studies of the 2009 pandemic in Europe.

Public Health. 2010 Jan;124(1):14-23

Nicoll A, Ammon A, Amato Gauci A, Ciancio B, Zucs P, Devaux I, Plata F, Mazick A, Mølbak K, Asikainen T, Kramarz P.

Monitoring excess mortality for public health action: potential for a future European network.

Eurosurveillance 2007; Vol. 12, Issue 1

Mazick A.

Causes of annual mortality variation in Sweden: Effects of influenza A, influenza V, RSV and extreme temperature.


Gergonne B, Björkenstam C, Tegnell A, Holmberg M.

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Work Package 4 Report.

Inventory of the Existing Mortality Monitoring Systems in Europe

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Understanding crude mortality: learning from retrospective data

Work Package 7 Report.

A European algorithm for a common monitoring of mortality across Europe